Aseptic Necrosis

Aseptic necrosis is also known as Avascular necrosis. This disease is popularly known as osteonecrosis. This diseases is mainly caused due to the poor supply of blood to the bones, which leads to the death of the bone.  Poor supply of blood to the bones causes the death of bone, which lead to the permanent stoppage of the working of the bone. The bone can completely collapse and get weakened leading to permanent disability on the part where the bone is death. As the blood supply stops from reaching the bone, the bone tissue dies leading to permanent death of the bone also causing the disability.

Causes of Aseptic Necrosis

Aseptic necrosis caused mainly due to the trauma or damage in blood vessels.  Sometimes due to chemotherapy or alcoholism may be the reason for causing aseptic necrosis. Hypertension, Vasculitis, thrombosis may be the cause of aseptic necrosis. Prolong patient suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to aseptic necrosis the blood supply do not reach the blood tissue and thus it lead to bone death or Osteonecrosis.  Sometimes massive or a serious fracture in the bone can cause this dieses.

The supply of the blood stops due to fracture in the bone. The blood tissues get disrupted and the flow of blood is not proper causing to permanent death of the bone. Excessive weight also can sometimes cause aseptic necrosis as the blood tissue gets clogged due the fat or by air obstructing the passage of blood from the blood tissue, which ultimately cause death of the bone or the bone tissue. Intake of steroids cause the death of the bone, the hip bone get dead leading to the permanent disability of the person. The person with hipbone disability cannot stand up or seat properly, leading to a vegetable state, where the person can neither seat nor move.

Risk factors for aseptic necrosis

Excessive drinking or alcoholism causes death of the bone. If a person is drinking alcohol for long span of time, it will lead to fatty deposit on the joints of bone leading to permanent loss of supply of blood to the bone, causing death of the bone. There are certain diseases like HIV, Lupus, diabetics or sickle cell anaemia that leads to the risk for aseptic necrosis. Sometimes treatment for diseases like cancer, kidney problem may give a side effect called osteonecrosis.