Even though cellulite is a common problem especially to women, there is no love lost between them especially due t the way it makes itself apparent in specific body parts. When summer comes along every woman wants to head to the beach for a tan or perhaps dip them selves for a cool splash dressed in beach clothes or the sexiest bikini. This is not the case with those who have cellulite on their bums, thighs, hips or even their bellies. The excess fat tissues that try to force their way through the connective tissue are the real cause of this predicament. There are numerous treatments available but Endermologie is among the latest and most popular.


Endermologie is a cellulite treatment procedure that is nor surgical and non invasive which works by simply kindling the disintegration of cellulite and fats in the body using a special piece of equipment. The therapist who does the procedure uses a piece of equipment that applies some pressure on the skin that also has some suction power. This treatment is done in sessions that last about 40 minutes and a patient requires attending two sessions every week until such a point where there will be relief that is apparent.  On average one will need to attend between 15 and 20 sessions and when the results have been seen to be apparent, one can attend monthly sessions just to keep things in check.

The benefits of Endermologie

The greatest plus of Endermologie treatment is that unlike those expensive surgical procedures it is basically affordable. Each session of Endermologie could cost you between $50 and $70 and looking at the average number of sessions one needs to attend in order to get pleasant results, you could end up spending between $1200 and $2000 for you to get complete relief. Thereafter you will need to attend maintenance sessions which will generally cost you between $50 and $70 every month. The other advantage of this treatment for cellulite is that it is totally painless and you do not need any time for recovery. You will also end up with a beautiful well toned skin that is free from all those contours that were caused by cellulite.

Endermologie is generally affordable. Each treatment costs $50-70. The average cost to achieve plateau is between $1,200 and $2,000. Maintenance is then $50-70 per month. There is no pain and no recovery time. In addition to improved cellulite, you may see an improvement in body contour and skin tone.


The downside of Endermologie is that even though it is painless and affordable, the hidden expense may come in the way you will need to attend monthly sessions in order to maintain the results achieved. After the treatment has been conducted successfully you will also need to play an active role by maintaining a proper exercise regime. For better results though, you must make sure that you get attended to by a therapist who is experienced enough and who will apply sufficient pressure and suction so that results that are achieved are optimal.