The rash in strep throat is caused by the bacteria known as streptococcus aureus. This bacterium is extremely important since this is the primary cause of strep throat infection. This bacterium is capable of releasing the toxic chemicals on the body of the host organism such as animals and humans. It is the toxic chemical that will cause the rash to appear on the skin. Rash is characterized by redness of the skin and the presence of lesions.

Streptococcus bacteria is the cause of the rash. Strep throat infection is extremely common around the globe and it will not be difficult to see a lot of patients who have this infection. This infection can become very severe and will lead to the death of persons affected. Infection of the pharynx and esophagus are included in the strep throat infection. The primary symptom of this infection is a swollen throat. The toxic material which is released by the bacterium is extremely harmful to the human body and will result to allergic reactions.

At first, the rash will only appear on the neck and throat region. But later on, this will spread to the face and mouth. Thus, the patients with strep throat infection can observe the indications of rash on the body. This condition is termed as scarlatina and will usually develop because of strep throat infection. Since the rashes of strep throat are extremely clear and visible, it will not be difficult to observe and identify them. Some of the symptoms of strep throat rash which are most common are irritation, difficulty in eating foods and drinking fluids as well as severe headache. If you have this infection, most likely, you will suffer from these symptoms.

Since children have frequent contact with other kids, the rash in strep throat is extremely common to them. More often than not, the kids will play with other children and it is during sporting activities that physical contact is very possible. The strep throat infection can be transmitted from one child to another during physical contact. Thus, the incidence of the disease is high in young people.

Another important reason is that physical contact is possible during school time and this can be a primary cause for strep throat infection. By nature, the infection is contagious; therefore, this can spread rapidly from the infected person to a healthy person. Extra care should be considered regarding physical contacts if you have this infection. It is very important that the person affected will begin immediate treatment. Generally, antibiotics are used in treating this kind of infection. The strep throat infection will stay for about four to six days.