What Are The Anorexia Nervosa And The Bulimia Nervosa?

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Food is supposed to be a necessary part of the life of any person. When due to some personal or other reasons the thoughts feeling or actions of any person prevent himself to take food then it becomes a life severing problem for him. These are called the eating disorder rounding the food. Here are two most common type of eating disorder called anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Mostly these eating disorders are particularly supposed to affect the women.

The anorexia nervosa is a type of disease commonly found in the teenage girls. Nowadays it is also found in the boys as well. In this disease either the patient is obsesses of being thin or just is afraid of gaining extra weight. As a result, they exercise and take less food to become less than normal state of thinness.

The women aged early to the age of mind twenties are commonly affected by the bulimia nervosa disorder. The people suffering from this disorder are also afraid of being overweight but they just can cope to maintain an average or normal weight of them.

The facts related to anorexia nervosa and the bulimia nervosa

The anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa facts are explained here. Both are the diseases in which the person lacks the appetite to eat food. In this Para the facts related to anorexia nervosa are given. The anorexia nervosa mostly tends to impact on the early age or young girls. The people suffering from this disease incline to show the very compulsive behavior towards their body. In spite of being obsessed with the food the patients of anorexia nervosa sometime get addicted to over control the weight of their body. The anorexia nervosa affected women are mostly supposed to be dissatisfied to the condition of their bodies whereas the men affected to the anorexia nervosa are supposed to be suffering with some other psychological problems.

In bulimia nervosa also the patient feels the lack of appetite of any kind of food. As a result of which he/she tries to control their weight by some of the obsessive methods. The difference from the anorexia is that the patients of bulimia nervosa can easily survive and do rare die and hence lesser mortal rate than in anorexia nervosa. This is mainly due to the fact that the patients suffering from the bulimia nervosa can manage to eat such amount of food that he/she can balance their normal diet and hence normal life. This type of disorder is more common among mid twenty aged women.

Strep throat rash

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The rash in strep throat is caused by the bacteria known as streptococcus aureus. This bacterium is extremely important since this is the primary cause of strep throat infection. This bacterium is capable of releasing the toxic chemicals on the body of the host organism such as animals and humans. It is the toxic chemical that will cause the rash to appear on the skin. Rash is characterized by redness of the skin and the presence of lesions.

Streptococcus bacteria is the cause of the rash. Strep throat infection is extremely common around the globe and it will not be difficult to see a lot of patients who have this infection. This infection can become very severe and will lead to the death of persons affected. Infection of the pharynx and esophagus are included in the strep throat infection. The primary symptom of this infection is a swollen throat. The toxic material which is released by the bacterium is extremely harmful to the human body and will result to allergic reactions.

At first, the rash will only appear on the neck and throat region. But later on, this will spread to the face and mouth. Thus, the patients with strep throat infection can observe the indications of rash on the body. This condition is termed as scarlatina and will usually develop because of strep throat infection. Since the rashes of strep throat are extremely clear and visible, it will not be difficult to observe and identify them. Some of the symptoms of strep throat rash which are most common are irritation, difficulty in eating foods and drinking fluids as well as severe headache. If you have this infection, most likely, you will suffer from these symptoms.

Since children have frequent contact with other kids, the rash in strep throat is extremely common to them. More often than not, the kids will play with other children and it is during sporting activities that physical contact is very possible. The strep throat infection can be transmitted from one child to another during physical contact. Thus, the incidence of the disease is high in young people.

Another important reason is that physical contact is possible during school time and this can be a primary cause for strep throat infection. By nature, the infection is contagious; therefore, this can spread rapidly from the infected person to a healthy person. Extra care should be considered regarding physical contacts if you have this infection. It is very important that the person affected will begin immediate treatment. Generally, antibiotics are used in treating this kind of infection. The strep throat infection will stay for about four to six days.

Impacts Of Asthma On Pregnant Women

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The Asthma is a type of respiratory disease that can also be chronic in some patients. It simply causes problem in respiration to the patients suffering from it. When considering about Asthma along with pregnancy then it is found that the pregnancy can never cause Asthma. However is the women having Asthma got pregnant then there might be some mild or severe complications to them. Considering it, the found fact is that around one third proportion of women continuously improve their symptoms, one third found that it is same as it was earlier and remaining one third proportion of women usually finds that their symptoms are getting worsen during their pregnancy.

This is why all the women suffering from pregnancy and Asthma both are required to go through proper controlling of it otherwise they might have to suffer other related severe problems. In some women having chronic level of Asthma the womb baby remains underweight. So if you too have found any of the symptoms related then it is necessary to take proper pregnancy treatments of Asthma.

Below are given the signs through which Asthma can easily be recognized during your pregnancy.
• Tightness in the chest
• Lack of breath or breathlessness
• Wheezing
• A cough which usually worsens during night

How asthma is affecting children

The parents do surely like to see their children active, healthy and happy. In case if the Child suffers from Asthma then also you can do proper steps to treat it. This is because Asthma is a type of disease which can perfectly be controlled through the proper medication. Hence you are never needed to worry for the things if your child suffers from Asthma or related problem.

The Asthma in children is usually different from the Asthma in the adults. This difference is visible in terms of signs, symptoms and also in the treatment methods.

Chest tightness, coughing, sneezing and breathlessness are not commonly found in children. This may be due to allergies, family background of Asthma, respiratory infections, low weight on birth, tobacco exposure, being male, being black or due to being raised in the environment of low income.

Today more and more number of children is suffering from Asthma. This is mainly because of the fact that the children are getting more and more exposure to the various allergens like dust, second hand smoke and the air pollution.

The symptoms to recognize Asthma in children are

• Rapid breathing
• Less energy while playing
• Appetite loss
• Headaches
• Tired or weakness
• Dark circle near eyes and
• Chest hurting complaints

Endermologie treatment for cellulite

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Even though cellulite is a common problem especially to women, there is no love lost between them especially due t the way it makes itself apparent in specific body parts. When summer comes along every woman wants to head to the beach for a tan or perhaps dip them selves for a cool splash dressed in beach clothes or the sexiest bikini. This is not the case with those who have cellulite on their bums, thighs, hips or even their bellies. The excess fat tissues that try to force their way through the connective tissue are the real cause of this predicament. There are numerous treatments available but Endermologie is among the latest and most popular.


Endermologie is a cellulite treatment procedure that is nor surgical and non invasive which works by simply kindling the disintegration of cellulite and fats in the body using a special piece of equipment. The therapist who does the procedure uses a piece of equipment that applies some pressure on the skin that also has some suction power. This treatment is done in sessions that last about 40 minutes and a patient requires attending two sessions every week until such a point where there will be relief that is apparent.  On average one will need to attend between 15 and 20 sessions and when the results have been seen to be apparent, one can attend monthly sessions just to keep things in check.

The benefits of Endermologie

The greatest plus of Endermologie treatment is that unlike those expensive surgical procedures it is basically affordable. Each session of Endermologie could cost you between $50 and $70 and looking at the average number of sessions one needs to attend in order to get pleasant results, you could end up spending between $1200 and $2000 for you to get complete relief. Thereafter you will need to attend maintenance sessions which will generally cost you between $50 and $70 every month. The other advantage of this treatment for cellulite is that it is totally painless and you do not need any time for recovery. You will also end up with a beautiful well toned skin that is free from all those contours that were caused by cellulite.

Endermologie is generally affordable. Each treatment costs $50-70. The average cost to achieve plateau is between $1,200 and $2,000. Maintenance is then $50-70 per month. There is no pain and no recovery time. In addition to improved cellulite, you may see an improvement in body contour and skin tone.


The downside of Endermologie is that even though it is painless and affordable, the hidden expense may come in the way you will need to attend monthly sessions in order to maintain the results achieved. After the treatment has been conducted successfully you will also need to play an active role by maintaining a proper exercise regime. For better results though, you must make sure that you get attended to by a therapist who is experienced enough and who will apply sufficient pressure and suction so that results that are achieved are optimal.

Causes of Aseptic Necrosis

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Aseptic Necrosis

Aseptic necrosis is also known as Avascular necrosis. This disease is popularly known as osteonecrosis. This diseases is mainly caused due to the poor supply of blood to the bones, which leads to the death of the bone.  Poor supply of blood to the bones causes the death of bone, which lead to the permanent stoppage of the working of the bone. The bone can completely collapse and get weakened leading to permanent disability on the part where the bone is death. As the blood supply stops from reaching the bone, the bone tissue dies leading to permanent death of the bone also causing the disability.

Causes of Aseptic Necrosis

Aseptic necrosis caused mainly due to the trauma or damage in blood vessels.  Sometimes due to chemotherapy or alcoholism may be the reason for causing aseptic necrosis. Hypertension, Vasculitis, thrombosis may be the cause of aseptic necrosis. Prolong patient suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis can lead to aseptic necrosis the blood supply do not reach the blood tissue and thus it lead to bone death or Osteonecrosis.  Sometimes massive or a serious fracture in the bone can cause this dieses.

The supply of the blood stops due to fracture in the bone. The blood tissues get disrupted and the flow of blood is not proper causing to permanent death of the bone. Excessive weight also can sometimes cause aseptic necrosis as the blood tissue gets clogged due the fat or by air obstructing the passage of blood from the blood tissue, which ultimately cause death of the bone or the bone tissue. Intake of steroids cause the death of the bone, the hip bone get dead leading to the permanent disability of the person. The person with hipbone disability cannot stand up or seat properly, leading to a vegetable state, where the person can neither seat nor move.

Risk factors for aseptic necrosis

Excessive drinking or alcoholism causes death of the bone. If a person is drinking alcohol for long span of time, it will lead to fatty deposit on the joints of bone leading to permanent loss of supply of blood to the bone, causing death of the bone. There are certain diseases like HIV, Lupus, diabetics or sickle cell anaemia that leads to the risk for aseptic necrosis. Sometimes treatment for diseases like cancer, kidney problem may give a side effect called osteonecrosis.