The Asthma is a type of respiratory disease that can also be chronic in some patients. It simply causes problem in respiration to the patients suffering from it. When considering about Asthma along with pregnancy then it is found that the pregnancy can never cause Asthma. However is the women having Asthma got pregnant then there might be some mild or severe complications to them. Considering it, the found fact is that around one third proportion of women continuously improve their symptoms, one third found that it is same as it was earlier and remaining one third proportion of women usually finds that their symptoms are getting worsen during their pregnancy.

This is why all the women suffering from pregnancy and Asthma both are required to go through proper controlling of it otherwise they might have to suffer other related severe problems. In some women having chronic level of Asthma the womb baby remains underweight. So if you too have found any of the symptoms related then it is necessary to take proper pregnancy treatments of Asthma.

Below are given the signs through which Asthma can easily be recognized during your pregnancy.
• Tightness in the chest
• Lack of breath or breathlessness
• Wheezing
• A cough which usually worsens during night

How asthma is affecting children

The parents do surely like to see their children active, healthy and happy. In case if the Child suffers from Asthma then also you can do proper steps to treat it. This is because Asthma is a type of disease which can perfectly be controlled through the proper medication. Hence you are never needed to worry for the things if your child suffers from Asthma or related problem.

The Asthma in children is usually different from the Asthma in the adults. This difference is visible in terms of signs, symptoms and also in the treatment methods.

Chest tightness, coughing, sneezing and breathlessness are not commonly found in children. This may be due to allergies, family background of Asthma, respiratory infections, low weight on birth, tobacco exposure, being male, being black or due to being raised in the environment of low income.

Today more and more number of children is suffering from Asthma. This is mainly because of the fact that the children are getting more and more exposure to the various allergens like dust, second hand smoke and the air pollution.

The symptoms to recognize Asthma in children are

• Rapid breathing
• Less energy while playing
• Appetite loss
• Headaches
• Tired or weakness
• Dark circle near eyes and
• Chest hurting complaints